ScimoreDB Embedded features all the technical advantages of a full database engine. It performs very fast and can easily handle millions of rows. This database provides full data reliability with zero chance of data corruption, manages heavy loads and includes all the standard features such:

  • SQL/T-SQL language
  • Stored procedures
  • ACID Transactions
  • Multi version Concurrency Control (MVCC) - writers never block readers
  • Table level and row level locking
  • Free text indexing and searching
  • Configurable maximum memory usage
  • Primary key/foreign key/referential integrity/cascade delete
  • Text blob compression - drastically minimize database size when importing documents.
  • Backup

The technology has been developed over a decade to optimize performance and remove any chance of data loss. There are constant updates to ScimoreDB Embedded project as the development never stops aiming to make the already fast solution even better. When ScimoreDB Embedded is not enough, it can be upgrade to a full database server with an option to be scaled-out into a network of distributed databases to rise up to any data processing challenge you can come up with.


ScimoreDB Embedded provides software developers multiple ways of instantiating the database. Depending on the application requirements, the developer can choose the optimal model.


ScimoreDB Embedded can be loaded into the process space of the client application. This way, the database engine hides completely behind the program it is deployed with and the end user will never notice that their applications are running ScimoreDB Embedded.


ScimoreDB Embedded is capable of running in a separate process. The first application accessing the embedded database, will start the database process. Other applications, will be accessing the existing database process. When all applications stop using the embedded database, the embedded database process will stop.

Using out-of-process you gain reliability, and it's the default and preferred way of using ScimoreDB Embedded.

With the out-of-process feature, ScimoreDB Embedded allows multiple applications to use the same database: whether it's the database manager accessing the database while the client application is running, or it's multiple deployed applications sharing the same database, or multiple web processes accessing the same database ScimoreDB Embedded supports it all.