It all started as an internal project for a European Portal. In the early days of the internet there were no database servers, that were ready to fuel the low cost and high speed required by internet applications. It started as an in memory database¬Ě, with simple COM interfaces. It was the core of many internet applications, and grew with requirements of the applications. Distribution was added to improve scalability, a query language DQL was added to improve speed of development, and transactions followed to ensure improve manageability.

In 2005 Scimore was created, and the database was separated into a separate company. The major improvements in 2006 were the SQL to DQL translator and new distribution algorithms, allowing for linear scalability in distributed environment. The version where launched.

In 2007, based on requirements by the users, features where added free text search, blob compression, database files movable, and embedded database allows for cross process interaction. A TPC benchmark resulted in updated communication protocols, improving the speed in large distributed database scenario.


We are a small company of individuals, with long experiences in database design and scaling applications.

Marius Slyzius - Founder


A native of Lithuanian, Marius, moved to Denmark in 1998, and became a technologist at Denmark's first internet portal Jubii. His special expertise, in distributed systems, contributed to Jubii's products like viral games, internet search and communities. At Jubii, Marius has design the distributed database, and not, because it was fun to implement (correction, it was:)), but because there were no alternative for the new problem - Big Data.

Marius currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife and a child. He holds a Master's Degree in Robotics from Kaunas University of Technology.

Thomas Hilbert Madsen - Co-Owner

A native of Denmark, Thomas, has been a computer affectionate since birth.

Thomas currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife and children. He holds a Master's Degree in Engineering from Danish Technical University.


Scimore UAB is a Lithuanian registered private stock company, with presence Lithuania and Denmark.

Email: support@scimore.com

Phone: (+45) 40 86 21 22, (+45) 20 23 71 98